3 Key Strategies To Grow Your Real Estate Career In 2019!

Looking to grow your real estate career in 2019?

Cool, so do a million other real estate agents, negotiators, and consultants.

But if you’re still wondering what it takes to build your real estate empire, you might want to finish this blog.

You’ve probably got questions on what tools, tech, and tactics you need to succeed.

What social platform to focus on.

Which email automation software to use etc…

Well, you’re not going to get that in this blog.


Because it’s irrelevant (Until you get these three growth hacks under control).

You see, most real estate professionals believe they need to become a Facebook Ads master, Instagram model, or technology guru to get their real estate business running, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are only a handful of things that actually matter when you want to start seeing some significant results in your real estate career.

Let’s go through 3 key strategies to start growing your real estate career:


This is the single most important skill of any real estate professional. With it you’ll be able to build new relationships and make a tonne of banks for your business; without it, you’ll be dependant on clients that can make decisions without your guidance, confidence and knowledge. These type of people are very rare

Simply put, if you buy into the belief that selling is sleazy and unimportant you will fail at all businesses. The key driver to any business is sales. Without it, you have no income, no funding, and no future.

What to focus on when it comes to sales:
Study psychology and persuasion in your downtime. Try to watch every Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone and PropCoach video you can get your hands on, Next, get a basic script from our free PropMasters Membership. Practice the script in a role-play scenario to gain confidence first.


The money you need to survive is in the relationships you form. You can have the best website or Facebook profile in the world but what use does it do if no one visits? The fastest way to build deep and meaningful relationships is in-person, not digitally.

Yes, you can attract and make the “first” connection online, but whatever comes after that will be building relationships.

Getting out on the streets and using your sales skills to build a relationship is what really moves the needle in the early stages regardless of whether you’re online or offline.


If salesmanship is the most important skill, relationships are the most important asset, then focus is the most important attribute. We live in a world of distraction and if you can’t sit down and work for 8 hours without looking at your phone or checking your email, you have a serious problem.

Updating your IG story every hour is not important when starting out. There are no direct sales to be made from this. It’s a long game that you can’t afford to be playing when you have no assets in your business.

IMPROVEMENT HACK: Identify your 30-day goal, break that down into weekly objectives, and then daily action tasks. Time block all your action tasks in 30-minute intervals in your diary. Only use social media for sharing something on your business or clients. And once its done, close your social media and get back to your daily tasks.

In our PropMasters Membership, you can find a simple to use goal sheet that gives you direction on how to work.

So here you have it, 3 Key Strategies to Grow Your Real Estate Career in 2019! Control these three and you will be on your way to make this your best year ever.

Good luck!

Published by Taco Heidinga

International Property Expert and Real Estate Coach, living in beautiful Malaysia.

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