The Secret To Becoming A High Paid Real Estate Professional



Look, I get it. You don’t want to be seen as ‘salesy’ or ‘pushy’.

But your clients a crying themselves to sleep every night because you weren’t aggressive enough in your calls, appointments, and follow-ups.

If you have the ability to completely transform someone’s life you have a duty to get your product to them.

In the case of the real estate business, you will have a buyer out there ready, but they are waiting for you. Waiting for a call, waiting for a meeting, waiting for someone that can help them with their real estate needs.

Picture yourself as a medic on the battlefield.

There are wounded soldiers strewn across the ridge and you have the resources to save them.

What do you do?

Sit around and hope that clients will look for you.

Sorry to disappoint you, this will not happen. It’s your job to take the first step to approach your potential clients.

Take them on a journey where you become their trusted advisor or agent.

Nearly all the clients I work with come to me saying they want to help people buy and sell real estate, but their actions suggest otherwise.

They place their own interests above those they wish to serve. They focus on their own needs, own time and have the fear of not finding solutions for the clients.

Ultimately, they fear rejection and humiliation more than the loss of life.

Don’t be a coward.

Get out there and start serving people! It’s your responsibility, it’s your income, it’s your destiny.

They’re waiting for you. Now, get up and make 50 calls right now!

Published by Taco Heidinga

International Property Expert and Real Estate Coach, living in beautiful Malaysia.

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