3 Steps Successful Real Estate Agents Use Facebook Advertising

Let’s talk about Facebook advertising. If you are a full-time active Real Estate Agent, you’ve probably got a paid ad campaign. And like most agents, it maybe isn’t quite working how you want it to. Whenever you start using Facebook Advertising tool, it’s very important to clarify the customer journey. Your ads are going toContinue reading “3 Steps Successful Real Estate Agents Use Facebook Advertising”

We Need More Real Estate Leaders To Create More Real Estate Professionals

The real deal of becoming a real estate team leader. Find out the right mindset of becoming a team leader & how you can play a bigger role in changing the real estate field.

Recruitment For Real Estate Leaders : The Do’s And Dont’s

If you’re a team leader or sales manager for a real estate agency/team, it’s no surprise that recruitment is one of your top priorities. Although it’s not a surprise, it’s interesting to see that many team leaders and sales managers don’t really focus on recruitment. Recruitment in real estate is mostly different from other industries.Continue reading “Recruitment For Real Estate Leaders : The Do’s And Dont’s”